EXO5 Anomalie

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2. Dezember 2017 um 14:00 – 18:00
EXO5 Anomalie @ Brügge | Brügge | Flämische Region | Belgien

Types of Anomalies

#EXO5 will consist of three variant forms of Anomalies:

  • Primary Anomalies x 5
  • Satellite Anomalies x 11
  • Ancillary Anomaly x 1 (Houston)

The #EXO5 Primary and Satellite Anomalies follow identical structures. The Ancillary Anomaly is a variant with a unique structure. As such, information which clarifies the nature of the Ancillary Anomaly (Houston) is included separately near the end of this document.

Structure of Anomalies

Anomalies in #EXO5 will unfold over the course of four hours and will consist of three phases.

Each phase will last approximately one hour. The phases will be separated by half hour cooldown windows that the Factions may leverage for rest, reorganization or as they see fit.

Each phase will be worth 100 Anomaly Points, and these Anomaly Points will be allocated as a percentage to each Faction based on their performance within that phase. As such, the Anomalies will have a total value of 300 which will be divided between the Factions.

An individual Anomaly’s winner will be determined based on the cumulative score of all three phases.